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GU E S T   I N F O R M A T I O N

Welcome Square Dancers and Guests!

The Camping Squares wish to invite you and yours to a fun weekend of camping and square dancing. This guide has been put together in an effort to help provide Camping Squares information.

General Club Information

The Camping Squares were organized on September 7, 1968, to bring together those people interested in camping and square dancing as a joint activity. The club normally limits membership to square dancing married couples. Exceptions are permitted if approved by the Club's Executive Board.

The Club campouts and dances are held on the first weekend of each month, within 100 miles of Anaheim, Ca. If the first day of the month falls on a Saturday, we go that weekend. If it falls on a Sunday, we go the next weekend. We are normally dark the month of July. The Club usually makes reservations at a campground with full hookups for RV's (i.e., electricity, water, and sewer), and a recreation hall large enough for dancing.

Arrival Information

Campers normally arrive on Thursday or Friday of the campout. Since many of the members have retired, they have taken to arriving on Wednesday in advance of the main group.  Many campgrounds prefer that campers check in at the office. You will then be directed to the Camping Squares area (watch for signs), where the Wagonmaster will assign you a site. All efforts will be made to park you next to, or at least near the member that invited you to the outing. Thursday and Friday evenings are usually spent around the campfire, weather or campground regulations permitting, or in the hall, where games and socializing prevail for the evening. You are invited to join us, of course, and we ask that you wear a name badge to help us become acquainted faster. A bulletin board is maintained at the Wagonmaster's rig with the activity schedule for the weekend. Please remember, you are always invited to participate in all activities, so don’t wait to be asked. Sometimes people forget to ask!

Thursday and Friday Evening Dinners

We always like to explore the local area and if there’s a good place to go to for dinner, we can usually find it! So on these evenings, we might plan to carpool there to chow down! As always, this is optional (some members prefer to eat in their rigs), but please remember that you are invited to participate in all Club or group activities. Word is usually passed when a group is headed out for a meal, but it's best to ask so that no one is inadvertently left out. There are plenty of vehicles in camp, so don't worry about a ride - or if you have room and are driving - ask if someone wants a ride with you! 

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Club members now take turns with assignments each month where 2 or 3 couples provide a continental breakfast on Saturday morning, complete with fruit, pastries, coffee, bagels, etc., etc. This is a great chance to sit around and get to know the group. The folks who provide these breakfasts are not expected to bring food for the Saturday evening potluck dinner.

Pot Luck Dinners

The Club has a potluck dinner on Saturday afternoon, at 4:30 P.M.  Each couple is asked to bring a potluck dish to serve approximately 12 people. The Club Vice-President or the Wagonmaster will let you know what you should bring. (If you have not been informed, please call the Club Vice-President or the Wagonmaster for information.) Campers furnish their own drinks, plates, silverware, and napkins. Coffee and water are provided.

Square Dances

The Club currently has a Club Caller (Gary Fields) and dances in the recreation hall at the campground. The dance usually starts at 6:30 P.M. and ends at 9:00-9:30 P.M., unless otherwise indicated. Our dances are a fun Plus level.  On occasion, rounds are cued between tips when the caller is able to cue them or has recordings.

Square dance attire is not required but those who wish may wear it. 

Other Activities

On most outings the Club takes things fairly easy on Thursday and Friday evening and during the day on Saturday. Although activities are not normally structured, many of our campers enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, touring the local area, fishing when facilities are available, or just relaxing in camp. Many campers pass the time with a variety of games, crafts, reading, or just relaxing. In any event, you are discouraged from working on your rig during the outing, or anything else for that matter (emergencies excepted), as the Sheriff is always watching, and will fine members and guests alike at the Saturday evening dance.

After the Saturday evening dance we usually sit around the campfire, and make it our goal to finish off any of the goodies that may be left over from the pot luck, dance, or snacks that everyone brings out, figuring they're going to go bad before the next outing anyway! This opportunity is seized by some to try out new snack recipes on the group.

Campers are always expected to provide their own lawn chairs. When campfires are permitted, you may also be asked to bring wood.

There are generally no planned activities on Sunday morning, as many of our members have meetings or other square dance activities in their districts to attend on Sunday afternoon. Most campers leave the campground by about 11:00 A.M., as checkout time is usually noon.

Square Dance and Camping Fees

Each person is charged a caller fee of $5.00 per person.  Each rig is charged the group rate for the campground.  Guests requesting space at a campout are required to submit a $50.00 deposit to the Wagonmaster to hold their site. This is applied toward your camping fees for the weekend.  Deposits may be non-refundable if you cancel and the campground requires the club to pay for that night. 

Club Membership Application

Those couples desiring to become Camping Squares members are requested to see the Membership Chairman during the weekend for a membership application and a copy of the Club Bylaws. Our Bylaws require that guests desiring to become members attend at least three (3) outings during a five (5) month period prior to becoming eligible. New members are approved by a majority vote by the General Membership, which will occur at the first campout after the Membership Chairman receives the completed membership forms. Current membership fees are $35.00 per couple per year, plus the current prevailing cost for Club badges.

The active roster of the Camping Squares is limited to thirty-five (35) rigs. Guests wishing to join the Club when the roster is full will be given a spot on the waiting list. During the waiting period you are invited to join us on all of our outings and participate in all of our activities.

We hope you will consider spending a camping weekend with us, and we all look forward to getting to know you better.

As Membership Chairmen, we are available to answer any questions you may have about our club, its members, and activities. Please don't hesitate to ask!

See you in a square or around the campfire!

Mickey & Chris Blunk
Membership Chairmen