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Welcome to the Camping Squares Web site

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The following is a short summary of what you will find on each of the menu button selections.

The Campisd22ng Schedule web page lists when and where we will be camping. On that web page, there is also information listing our Wagonmaster and how to make a reservation for camping.

Then there is a Club Information page that provides an overview of what to expect on a Camping Squares weekend. This page covers information about arrival, the normal weekend activities, our breakfast and potluck meals. fire402

There are also web pages providing information about our Club Caller and about our Club Officers, including phone numbers and email addresses. You might want to contact one of them for photo03additional Camping Squares information.

If you like to camp, square dance and have fun, you will enjoy the Camping Squares. Try camping with us for a weekend to see just what we do and how welcome you will be.

You can email us for additional information at